Iveagh Family Office Fund Launch

Iveagh Family Office Fund Launch

by Richard C. Wilson & Family Offices Group Association Team

Iveagh Family Office

Iveagh Fund Launched

The family office created over 120 years ago to protect and grow the wealth of the Guinness family has launched a new fund. While many funds started by traditional wealth management firms are somewhat frowned upon in the industry or more heavily scrutinized I would think that if done right a family office fun could do very well. Family offices have unique needs – in having the right mixture of volatility, performance and reporting…and who best to understand those needs than another family office? Here is excerpt from the article:

Iveagh, the family office created 122 years ago to manage money for the Guinness family, has broadened the service it offers specifically to wealthy clients with the launch of a multi-asset fund targeting an annualized return of 9.5%.

The Iveagh Wealth fund is managed by the former senior vice president of Alliance Capital, John Ricciardi and Cambiz Alikhani, who joined Iveagh in September 2002 from Morgan Stanley to develop its fixed income proposition.

Extra input is provided by the Iveagh Investment Committee (IIC).
The fund combines valuation and behavioral analysis in a bid to achieve absolute returns over a market cycle.

It is a mirror of the Iveagh wealth management portfolio, which employs the optimization and asset allocation strategies Iveagh uses for its high net worth clients.

The optimized portfolio universe is drawn from alternatives (private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and structured products), real assets (precious metals, natural resources, global real estate), major market equities, emerging market equities, bonds and cash. Investments are almost entirely daily dealing quoted securities.

Meanwhile, the tactical asset allocation (TAA) strategy aims to increase the portfolio return and reduce downside risk by making tactical adjustments to holdings on a quarterly basis….

Read the full story here.

– Richard

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