Private Equity for Family Offices

Private Equity for Family Offices

by Richard C. Wilson & Family Offices Group Association Team

Private Equity & Family Offices

Choosing private equity investments

High risk, limited liquidity, taxes, and lack of regulation make investing in private equity challenging. However, the payoff is very attractive making private equity an interesting asset class for family office. The article shows two different points of view (fund of funds and direct private placement) of how family office would enter in private equity.

From the standpoint of diversification and lowest assumed risk, a fund of funds may present the best entry point to private equity given that you do not have specialist who can perform extensive due diligence. Additionally, it is an affordable way to test the water than any other approaches. On the other hand, direct private placement represents the highest level of risk. You must have capability to perform in-depth due diligence, and dig into the portfolio companies of what really happen. The upside of private placement is of course that your return would out-perform anything on traditional security market. Read more on this here.

– Richard

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