New Zealand Family Office

New Zealand Family Office

by Richard C. Wilson & Family Offices Group Association Team

New Zealand Family Office Guide

New Zealand does not immediately conjure up the idea of wealth and finance but the country has an active family office industry that serves the wealthy families in cities like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.  The following free guide to New Zealand Family Offices will help you better understand New Zealand family offices and provide you with resources to learn more about New Zealand family offices. You should also check out our 100% free book on family offices.

Why New Zealand?

New Zealand is quickly developing from a more agrarian-based economy to one that is more modern and industrialized and able to compete in broader world markets.  This shift has brought new wealth to the country and with a free-market, democratic government and the beautiful landscape that draws tourists and new residents alike, the prospects for New Zealand developing into a stronger financial center are promising.

The CIA provides a thorough update on the state of New Zealand’s economy:

“Over the past 20 years the government has transformed New Zealand from an agrarian economy dependent on concessionary British market access to a more industrialized, free market economy that can compete globally. This dynamic growth has boosted real incomes – but left behind some at the bottom of the ladder – and broadened and deepened the technological capabilities of the industrial sector. Per capita income rose for ten consecutive years until 2007 in purchasing power parity terms, but fell in 2008-09.”

Family Offices in New Zealand

Despite the fact that New Zealand lags behind many other modern Western nations in terms of the full development of its financial sector.  With that said, there are a high number of financial firms operating in the country including several family offices and private banking providers.  That there is already a family office industry in New Zealand is promising considering how slow other developed nations have been in adopting the family office concept.

The following is a collection of New Zealand family office resources:

New Zealand Family Office Resources Guide

New Zealand Family Office Resource #1: This article discusses a partnership between a New Zealand fund of hedge funds and a New Zealand family office.

New Zealand Family Office Resource #2: If you are looking for contact details of family offices in New Zealand you may want to consider using a Family Offices Database.  A Family Office Database provides you with the complete contact details for 100′s or sometimes even up to 1,000 global single and multi-family offices within an easy to use Excel spreadsheet format.  Learn more about this by clicking here.

New Zealand Family Office Resource #3: If you’d like to see our guide on nearby Australia, please click here.

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