Can I become a family office manager?

Can I become a family office manager?

by Richard C. Wilson & Family Offices Group Association Team

Question: Can I become a family office manager?

Answer: Family offices managers are typically very capable, highly intelligent financial professionals who have vast experience in one or more of several areas: financial services, investing and portfolio management, tax advisory, accounting, business management, chief financial officer, wealth management, trust and retirement planning, and operations.  I have met family office managers from a variety of unique backgrounds with some family office managers formerly serving as CPAs and others leaving large investment banks to become a family office manager.

So, in answer to the question “Can I become a family office manager?” the answer is yes, most backgrounds apply to managing a family office; however you will need to have at least some expertise in some or all of the previously stated areas and you must have the talents and intellect to attract family office clients; ultimately, it will be those evaluating your family office who decide whether you are capable of managing a family office.

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