Do Family Offices Invest in Hedge Funds?

Do Family Offices Invest in Hedge Funds?

by Richard C. Wilson & Family Offices Group Association Team

Question: Do Family Offices Invest in Hedge Funds?

Answer: Yes, family offices are becoming an increasingly important source of capital for hedge funds and other alternative investment vehicles.  While some in the hedge fund industry still overlook high-net-worth individuals and family offices in their marketing and capital raising efforts in favor of institutional investors, family offices control a massive amount of capital and are eager to invest in hedge funds that have a proven track record of providing investors with absolute returns.

Many hedge funds are understanding this trend and looking more and more to position their fund in a way that appeals to family office investors rather than exclusively marketing to large pension funds and endowments primarily.  Indeed, family offices are often very interested in alternative investments and have deployed millions of dollars to private equity and hedge funds.

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