Do Family Offices Invest in Private Equity?

Do Family Offices Invest in Private Equity?

by Richard C. Wilson & Family Offices Group Association Team

Question: Do Family Offices Invest in Private Equity?

Answer: Yes, in our interviews with family offices and in our experience working with family offices, we have found that family offices often invest in private equity.  Family offices are active in alternative assets and usually a portion of their portfolio is comprised of private equity and hedge fund investments.

Family offices often have a long-term view of capital deployment, which aligns well with the long lock-up period and long-term investment horizons associated with private equity.  Another reason that family offices invest in private equity is that many family office clients have either ran a business or recently sold one, so they  can be highly entrepreneurial.  This leads many family offices to allocate to venture capital funds or act as an angel investor, providing private equity to young, high-growth, high-risk companies.

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