by Richard C. Wilson & Family Offices Group Association Team

Below please find 100 of the most common questions that family office professionals and those looking to learn more about the industry are often asking us via email.  If you would like to learn more about family offices, download our free Family Office Report.

    1. What is a family office?
    2. What is a single family office?
    3. What is a multi-family office?
    4. Where are most family offices based?
    5. Why is there so much confusion about what a family office really is?
    6. How can I join the Family Offices Group as an association member?
    7. Why can’t I just setup my own custom family office even if I have just $1M to manage?
    8. How large are most family office teams?
    9. Finding family office talent is difficult, but what tips do you have for overcoming that challenge?
    10. How can I work for a family office?
    11. What is the history of the family office?
    12. What is the current state of the family office industry?
    13. Who uses a single family office?
    14. Who uses a multi-family office?
    15. What is the assets under management required to start a single family office?
    16. Is there any way to receive family office training?
    17. Why is the family office industry growing so rapidly?
    18. What services do family offices offer?
    19. What is a family office board of advisors?
    20. What is a family office investment committee?
    21. Why should I use a family office?
    22. What are the benefits of working with a family office?
    23. Why should I attend a family office conference?
    24. Should I use a multi-family office or single family office?
    25. What is a virtual family office?
    26. Can an accountant start a family office?
    27. How do service providers work with family offices?
    28. How Hard is it to Start a Family Office?
    29. What type of family office should I hire?
    30. How Can I Find a Family Office that I Trust?
    31. What due diligence questions should I ask a family office that I am evaluating?
    32. What qualifies as a “true” family office?
    33. Do Family Offices Offer Portfolio Management Services?
    34. Do family offices offer tax advisory services?
    35. Can a Family Office Help with Philanthropy?
    36. Do Family Offices Offer Life Management Services?
    37. Do Family Offices Offer Multi-Generational Wealth Management Services?
    38. Will a Family Office Manage My Investments?
    39. Is there a list of family offices?
    40. Are there family offices in India?
    41. What are the top US family offices?
    42. What is the Family Offices Group?
    43. Is there a list of family offices in the US?
    44. Do you have any advice on starting a family office?
    45. What are the top 100 family offices?
    46. Do Family Offices Invest in Hedge Funds?
    47. Why Can’t I Find a Free Family Office Database?
    48. How is the market for family office jobs today?
    49. Do you have any information on family offices in Europe?
    50. Is there a difference between wealth management and family offices?
    51. Who owns this family office blog?
    52. Do you have any tips for family office marketing?
    53. What is an Accredited Investor?
    54. How does family office compensation work?
    55. What are Family Office Concierge Services?
    56. Do Family Offices Help with Family Business Planning?
    57. What is a family limited partnership?
    58. Why Do Family Offices Host Family Meetings?
    59. How do Family Offices Help with Family Philanthropy? 
    60. What is Family Risk Management?
    61. What is a unified managed household account?
    62. What is Family Tax Management?
    63. What is Family Wealth Management?
    64. What is a Multiple Family Office?
    65. What is a Dynasty Trust?
    66. What are the largest family offices in the US?
    67. What are Estate Taxes?
    68. How does a family office management fee work?
    69. What is the typical family office fee structure?
    70. What is the number of family offices in the US?
    71. Are there family office network events?
    72. What is a family office trust?
    73. What is a Unified Managed Account?
    74. What is wealth management?
    75. What is a Real Estate Investment Trust?
    76. Do Family Offices Invest in Private Real Estate?
    77. How long have family offices been around?
    78. What is family governance?
    79. What family office financial services are typically offered?
    80. Can I become a family office manager?
    81. How is the regulatory environment for Singapore family offices?
    82. Where are most family office clients located?
    83. Where can I watch family office videos?
    84. Can I watch a video definition of family offices?
    85. Do you have any family office marketing advice?
    86. Do Family Offices Invest in Private Equity? 
    87. What are some family office best practices?
    88. Do Family Offices Invest in Emerging Managers?
    89. How can I start a family office?
    90. Why should I start a multi-family office?
    91. How do I select a family office?
    92. How can I start a family office career?
    93. How can I make more money as a family office professional?
    94. How can I become a family office chief investment officer?
    95. How can I become a family office conference speaker?
    96. What are the best books for family office professionals?
    97. What are the top blogs in the family office industry?
    98. What are the most common investment mistakes made by family offices?
    99. What are some family office business development strategies?
    100. How can I build a family office board of advisors?  

Download our free Family Office Report to learn more about the family office industry.

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