How Can I Find a Family Office that I Trust?

How Can I Find a Family Office that I Trust?

by Richard C. Wilson & Family Offices Group Association Team

Question: How Can I Find a Family Office that I Trust?

Answer: Of course, you should seek legal and qualified financial counsel when evaluating family offices so please do not interpret this as all-encompassing advice.  But I can offer some suggestions for finding high-character family offices and managers that you can trust.

Knowing who you are working with on a personal level is very important.  Are they impatient, stretched thin, and edgy? Are they going to provide you sound objective advice during volatile market environments or a national debt crisis?

One of the advantages of Richard Wilson Capital Partners is our additional focus on working with only those fund managers who have a high degree of character and world class institutional experience.  You can apply this same advantage for yourself while selecting a family office.  There are a few very specific methods of quickly judging the strength of one’s character.

The best way I have found for quickly evaluating someone’s character is to gauge their time horizon or outlook on life.  Most people, by default, have a bias for short-term actions, rewards, and planning.  This conflicts with the very nature and planned benefits of working with a family office, which by its nature should have a bias towards long-term planning.

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