How can I work for a family office?

How can I work for a family office?

by Richard C. Wilson & Family Offices Group Association Team

Question: How can I work for a family office?

Answer: Family offices are always looking for talented professionals to add to their team and with the recent growth of the family office industry, the prospects of landing a job in the industry are improving.

If you are looking to work in the family office industry, you will typically have a business background with experience in a relevant area such as accounting, management, law or, most often, finance.  Although there is nothing set in stone as to what makes a qualified candidate, experience working in finance and accounting appears to be the most transferable to the family office model.  As investing is a significant part of running a family office, many professionals that transition into the industry have previously managed an investment fund, worked as an analyst or had similar experience managing wealth.  Also, due to the regulatory and legal burden of running a family office, many family office professionals are former CPAs or lawyers.

Again, there is no set route to work in the family office industry.  Some professionals are plucked out of business school with no working experience and trained specifically in working at a family office; others spent most of their careers working at an investment bank.  However, there are some common career trends that I’ve tried to highlight here to give you an idea of how best you can start a career in the family office industry.

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