Where are most family office clients located?

Where are most family office clients located?

by Richard C. Wilson & Family Offices Group Association Team

Question: Where are most family office clients located?

Answer: It’s hard to make a definitive statement, because hard data on who is actually a family office client is difficult to come by.  However, by looking at the individuals most likely to be family office clients (wealthy individuals and families) we can develop a good idea of where most family office clients are located.

Here is some data from the Boston Consulting Group showing where most ultra-high net worth individuals and millionaire households are located:

As you can see (click to enhance), family office clients are likely to come from wealth centers in Asia, the Middle East, North America and parts of Europe in countries like the United States, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Switzerland.  We’ve created a family office regional and country profile for many of the places that we have noticed significant numbers of family offices and wealth; to view those guides, click here.

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