Family Office Executive Search Challenge 2

Family Office Executive Search Challenge 2

by Richard C. Wilson & Family Offices Group Association Team

I wanted to explain to you a few family office recruiting challenges. I think that the family office industry is one of the most difficult industries to navigate if you are a career professional, but even more so to find great talent that is experienced in the right types of way for your family office. There are many different things that make it nearly impossible to easily find people who are experienced in the family office space, especially if you’re a single family office. 

Here is the second family office executive search challenge:

2. A couple other reasons it is really hard to navigate is that it can take a long time to build up trust and get to know somebody, and some single family office operations like to wait one year, two years, three years before hiring somebody after they get to know them. And what that means is that a lot of trust has to be built along the way and that can make the process very slow and some people get impatient with that.

I hope this advice is helpful to you if you are just getting into the family office industry or trying to recruit people for the first time. I think that you will relate to many of the challenges I‘m talking about here. What we offer is a solution to many of these headaches. The Family Offices Group is by far the largest network of family office professionals in the world. Over 95% of family offices in the United States have somebody on their team that is party of our Family Office Association.  Hundreds of Single family offices in the United States and over 1,000 family offices globally are members. And we are in about 70 different countries now and so what we can do is help you with talent searches, recruitment, and executive searches for family offices. If you want to learn more please watch our video on family office executive search challenges here, visit us at, or you can contact me Richard Wilson at, and if you want to check out our Family Office Association and those resources, please go to or Thank you.

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