Kidd & Company

Kidd & Company

by Richard C. Wilson & Family Offices Group Association Team

Kidd & Company is a principal investment firm that takes a unique approach. Our investment model is based on an intensive research process to design businesses that transform their industry segments, combined with the hands-on involvement required to successfully execute those strategies. Our ability to build highly successful businesses has enabled our firm to generate world-class investment returns.

Kidd & Company (“KCO”) is the private investment arm of the Kidd Family Office. The firm traces its roots to 1976 when Bill Kidd made his first private equity investment. Since that time, the firm has grown and prospered by following a non-traditional approach to private equity investing, both in terms of firm structure and investing philosophy. KCO is not a typical private equity firm—we are not a fund. The partners fund the operational costs of the firm, and we invest our own money in every transaction. Our investing philosophy is rooted in identifying opportunities that will produce above market returns for us and our investor-partners through rigorous execution of a strategy-led investment thesis.

We partner with founders/owners and senior management of businesses who have created valuable franchises but who, for personal, professional and financial reasons, have reached a stage in their business life cycle where they desire outside resources—managerial, operational and financial—to help them take their businesses to the next level while also addressing their lifestyle objectives.

Our focus is on strategy-led investments in the lower end of the middle market ($2 MM to $20 MM of EBITDA as a rough guide) where the complementary skill set of the partnership can be applied to create value over time by fundamentally improving the businesses in which we invest. Returns in our business model are derived directly from the execution of our investment strategy and from fundamental improvements—operational, managerial, financial—that we enable during our ownership period.

Our investments may be standalone businesses or may involve the simultaneous acquisition of multiple companies to create the necessary foundation to achieve our investment goals. We are generalists in terms of the businesses in which we invest, but the unifying theme of our investments is a cohesive strategy, developed at the outset, that forms the basis of an execution plan that is rigorously pursued to improve the underlying business operations, accelerate growth, create and/or enhance competitive differentiation and substantially boost profitability. Our firm structure allows us to be more creative and flexible in the types of transactions we evaluate, and in the manner in which we structure our investments. This allows us to best satisfy the interests of varied constituents—founders/owners, management, lenders, employees and investor-partners—in each individual transaction.

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